Blink Mini | Indoor plug-in smart security camera


The Blink Mini Indoor plug-in smart security camera has been a game-changer for me when it comes to home security. Its compact size and easy setup process make it a convenient option for monitoring the inside of my home day and night.

The 1080p HD video resolution provides clear visuals, and the motion detection feature with customizable zones ensures that I only receive alerts for what matters most to me. The two-way audio allows me to communicate with my family and pets from my smartphone, adding an extra layer of convenience. Additionally, the integration with Amazon Alexa makes it even easier to control and access the camera.

Blink Mini Indoor Camera

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Clear 1080p HD video resolution
  • Customizable motion detection zones
  • Two-way audio for communication
  • Integration with Amazon Alexa

What Can Be Improved

  • Limited field of view
  • Additional subscriptions required for certain features

Quick Verdict

The Blink Mini Indoor plug-in smart security camera is a reliable and user-friendly option for enhancing home security. With its easy setup process, high-definition video quality, and customizable motion detection, it provides peace of mind and convenience. While it has a few limitations, such as a narrower field of view and the need for additional subscriptions for certain features, it still offers great value for its price. If you’re looking for an affordable and efficient indoor security camera, the Blink Mini is worth considering. You can find more information about the product here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Blink Mini Indoor plug-in smart security camera from Amazon. It arrived promptly within a few days of ordering, and I was eager to see what was inside the box.

Upon opening the package, I found the following items:

  • 1 Blink Mini camera
  • 1 stand (already attached to the camera)
  • 2 mounting screws (for each camera)
  • 1 USB cable (for each camera)
  • 1 power adaptor (for each camera)


The Blink Mini camera comes with a range of impressive specifications:

  • Software security updates: The device receives guaranteed software security updates for at least four years after the device is last available for purchase as a new unit.
  • Generation: 1st generation
  • Support: Get help on the Blink Mini support page and refer to the Blink Mini setup guide.
  • Warranty and service: A 2-year limited warranty is provided by the manufacturer, and service is
    included. Consumers also retain their additional rights at law even after the limited warranty has expired.
  • LEDs: The camera features a single blue LED, which helps indicate when it’s active (optional).
  • Audio: It has a speaker output and supports 2-way audio recording.
  • Camera frame rate: The camera can capture up to 30 frames per second.
  • Camera resolution: It records and views in 1080p HD video during the day and provides infrared HD night vision after dark.
  • Field of view: The camera offers a wide 110° diagonal field of view.
  • Available colors: The Blink Mini is available in either white or black.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: It supports 2.4 GHz 802.11g/n Wi-Fi networks, but does not connect to ad-hoc or paywall Wi-Fi networks.
  • Power: The device comes with a 2-meter micro USB cable and power adaptor.
  • Electrical rating: It supports an electrical rating of 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.15 A.
  • CPU: The Blink Mini camera is equipped with an Immedia Proprietary – AC1002B CPU, which features 4 cores running at 200 MHz.
  • Weight and size: The camera weighs 48 g and has dimensions of 50 x 49 x 36 mm.
  • Smartphone requirements: The Blink Home Monitor app is compatible with devices running iOS 12.5, Android 6.0, or Fire OS 7.
  • Minimum upload speed: A minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps is required for optimal performance.


The documentation provided with the Blink Mini camera proved to be incredibly helpful. It guided me through the setup process and provided step-by-step instructions on connecting the camera to my Wi-Fi network and accessing its features through the Blink Home Monitor app. It also explained the various settings and functionalities in detail, allowing me to make the most out of my new security camera.

Features – What We Found

1080P HD Indoor Smart Security Camera

The Blink Mini is an indoor plug-in smart security camera that provides high-definition video quality with its 1080P HD resolution. This camera allows you to monitor the inside of your home day and night, ensuring clear and detailed footage of any activity.With its advanced image sensor, the Blink Mini captures sharp and vibrant visuals, allowing you to easily identify people and objects in your home. Whether it’s during the day or at night, you can rely on the camera to provide high-quality video feeds.Pro-tip: To maximize the camera’s performance, ensure it is placed in a strategic location that covers important areas of your home, such as entryways or high-traffic areas.

Motion Detection with Customizable Zones

One of the standout features of the Blink Mini is its motion detection capability. This allows you to stay informed and aware of any activity happening inside your home.

Additionally, the Blink Mini offers customizable motion detection zones, enabling you to define specific areas that you want the camera to focus on. This feature ensures that you only receive notifications for relevant motion events, such as specific rooms or entry points.For example, you can set up a motion detection zone around your front door, so you only receive notifications when someone enters or leaves the house. This customizable feature adds an extra layer of convenience and reduces unnecessary alerts.

Motion Detection with Customizable Zones

The Blink Mini provides flexible storage options for your recorded video clips. With the free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan, you can choose to save and share your clips in the cloud. This ensures that your footage is securely stored and easily accessible, even if the camera or local storage devices are compromised.

If you prefer local storage, you can use the Sync Module 2 (sold separately) and a USB drive to store your footage. This gives you complete control over where your data is stored and reduces any reliance on cloud storage.Pro-tip:

Consider using a combination of cloud storage and local storage for added redundancy and peace of mind. This allows you to access footage anytime through the cloud while having a backup on a local device.

Live View and Two-Way Audio Communication

The Blink Mini allows you to see, hear, and speak to people or pets in your home through its live view and two-way audio features. From your smartphone, you can access the camera’s live feed and observe real-time activities inside your home.

The two-way audio feature enables you to communicate with individuals in your home, providing an added layer of security and convenience. For example, you can use the camera’s audio functionality to talk to a family member, pet, or communicate with someone at your front door.

Pro-tip: When using the two-way audio feature, make sure to position the camera in an optimal location that allows for clear audio transmission. Avoid placing it too close to walls or objects that could obstruct the audio quality.

Seamless Setup and Alexa Compatibility

The Blink Mini boasts a quick and easy setup process. Simply plug in the camera, connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and follow the instructions in the free Blink Home Monitor app. Within minutes, you’ll have your camera up and running, ready to monitor your home.

In addition to its straightforward setup, the Blink Mini is Alexa-enabled.

By pairing the camera with a supported Alexa-enabled device, you can control various functions using just your voice. This integration allows you to engage live view, arm and disarm the camera, and perform other actions effortlessly.

Understanding the science behind Alexa compatibility: The integration with Alexa is made possible through cloud-based services and communication protocols. By leveraging these technologies, the Blink Mini can interact with Alexa-enabled devices, enabling seamless voice control and integration into your smart home ecosystem.

Scores and Review

Our Score: 87.0

I recently purchased the Blink Mini Indoor plug-in smart security camera and I must say, I am extremely impressed with its performance. From easy setup to high-definition video quality, this camera has exceeded my expectations in every way.

First and foremost, the setup process was a breeze. Within minutes, I had the camera connected to my Wi-Fi network and ready to go. The Blink Home Monitor app provided clear and simple instructions, making the setup foolproof.

The video quality of the Blink Mini is outstanding. With 1080p HD resolution and a wide-angle lens, I can see every corner of the room without any blind spots. Whether it’s day or night, the camera’s day and night video capability ensures crystal-clear visuals at all times.

The motion detection feature is spot-on, instantly sending notifications to my smartphone whenever any movement is detected. I appreciate the ability to customize motion detection zones, allowing me to focus on what matters most. Additionally, the two-way audio feature is a great addition, allowing me to speak to family members or pets from my smartphone.

Standout Features

One of the standout features of the Blink Mini is its integration with Alexa. I can control the camera with simple voice commands, making it even more convenient to use. Furthermore, the option to save and share clips in the cloud with the free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan provides peace of mind knowing that my footage is securely stored. Alternatively, the local storage option with a USB drive is a great choice for those who prefer to keep their data within reach.

In conclusion, the Blink Mini Indoor plug-in smart security camera is a game-changer in the world of home security. With its compact size, high-quality video, reliable motion detection, and seamless integration with other devices, I highly recommend this camera to anyone seeking a reliable and user-friendly home security solution. Don’t miss out on this incredible product – you can find it here.

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